Young Liar

EP2 Press's some recent press for EP2...

'(It's Your IQ That's In Danger) More of the danceable riff than the blissed out space, it stands alone in it’s own right.' Jen Long, BBC Radio 1

'EP2 is a wonderful record, taking the gorgeous, immersive heft of their debut and building on it in practically every way possible. It’s more direct, more beautiful, and louder than its predecessor.' Drowned in Sound

'It has hints of drone and krautrock, measured use of melody and some splendid interaction of the guitar lines.' Echoes and Dust

'Post-rock can be disgusting, overblown and pompous. but sometimes - sometimes - it can be enthralling, as Young liar show here.' LostLostLost

'Sponsored Silence (from EP2) is a fantastic, guitar drenched single.' The 405

'What distinguishes this instrumental combo from the majority isn’t just the way they effortlessly shift from one movement to the next while keeping the songs concise, but the way in which they favour grittier, rockier guitar sounds and bold noise elements.' Whisperin'&Hollerin

'They manage to add an additional depth to their music so it doesn’t sound like all out noise but instead beautifully crafted music.' craigness

Sponsored Silence - Single Of The Week KYEO.TV

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Sentric Podcast

The Line from EP1 has been featured on the Sentric Music podcast, listen here 6 tracks in...

Pursehouse's Sentric Music Podcast #22 by SentricMusic

Louder Than War - Top 100 tips for 2012

Shell Zenner included us in her top 100 new band tips in 2012 on Louder Than War , we're number 31 on THE LIST but it's not in any order like.


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Pleased to announce...

Smoke Damage Mix

Check out a mix Joel did for Smoke Damage, a new mixtape series in Sheffield